Instrument Lessons

Open Enrollment  $70 p/hr

MMP Academy provides private instruction for Bass, Guitar, Piano and Drums. Contact us to schedule a tour to see which instructor is right for you.

MMP Academy 30-Day

Open Enrollment $1500

A 30-Day custom course offering students 16 hours focused on a topic of their choice ranging from DAW's, Music Theory, Live Sound, Music Production, Songwriting, Arrangement and more!

Pro Tools Certification

Open Enrollment $1800

MMP Academy is the only AVID Learning Partner in the Northern Virginia area certified to instruct and test for AVID Pro Tools Certifications. Contact us to find out which program is right for you.

MMP Academy


Open Enrollment $5,000

A 90-Day curriculum that will provide students with a solid foundation in the skills required to work in the music industry as a producer, engineer and related audio career fields.

"Crafting A Hit"

Summer Course 

MMP Academy Summer Program $3000-4000

Taking students through the entire process from start to finish on how a song is created, packaged and sold as the commercial product of a modern studio. 

MMP Academy


Open Enrollment $40,000

A comprehensive 18-month  program that combines the mastery of musicianship, composition, production, audio engineering and business acumen required of a professional in today's music industry.

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